Automation is where the business world is going to be. In 2013 MIT Technology Review stated 45% of Jobs will be automated by 2033, creating demand for information technology (IT) jobs. Manual jobs are rapidly being automated, changing the workforce forever.

Our courses are video game and digital simulation-based created to move you into high-demand cybersecurity careers quickly.

Every student is required to complete the INTERNET of THINGS (IoT) FUNDAMENTALS course series comprised of 2 courses. Both courses teach difficult concepts utilizing tech games, math games and critical thinking games. Technology uses critical thinking and critical thinking is math-based.

Once students complete INTERNET of THINGS (IoT) FUNDAMENTALS, students will enter Network Engineer, Linux Programming and Cybersecurity Operations. Each specialization series is comprised of 2 rigorous certification preparation courses. 

“Skate to where the puck is going to be”

Wayne Gretsky


  1. Submit APPLICATION for admission to AWI (Required)
  2. Select date to attend SAMPLER ADMISSIONS Workshop (Required)
  3. Discussion of FINANCING Agreement (Required)
  4. Administration determines ADMISSIONS (Required)
  5. ENROLLMENT - Courses Begin
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