Rather than employ a bloody strategy in head to head competition with other corporations, employ an uncharted lucrative overlooked path – DIVERSITY MARKETS

Diverse Markets comprise $9 Trillion (52.9%) of the $17 Trillion US Market.

Diversity markets include:

  • Women
  • People of color
  • Hispanic Ethnicity
  • Disabled
  • Veterans

Here’s the thing:  your “Employer Brand” affects your Marketing Brand.

Your employer brand provides the ability to seize and profit from diverse markets is dependent upon your ability to recruit diverse ambassadors to educate executives how the cut a path to embrace and attract those markets. Learn about the employer brand concept.

Every corporation needs a Diversity Culture Audit to improve your employer brand.

And, that’s where I can help.

The Diversity Culture Audit documents the mindset of executives including HR and then coaches them to change their discriminatory policies!

How it works?

There are 7 phases:

  • Interview of the executives to understand their personal beliefs.
  • Interview of the current and former diverse employees
  • Company visits, to understand all the operations.
  • Initiate Executive Diversity Coaching services
  • Review of different company functionalities.
  • Producing an audit report.
  • Implementing recommendations

Employ the economics of diversity to increase revenue.

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor sparked a worldwide Black Lives Matter movement and major discussions about race and diversity.

Followed by discussions of  the She-cession and  the recent firings, lack of promotions extreme wage gaps of top Black women, diversity has been discussed as a social justice imperative when in actuality it is an ECONOMIC IMPERATIVE  for every corporation to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Corporations have committed billions of dollars in grants and donations to potentially cure the problem without fully diagnosing  the problem.

THE PROBLEM – Discrimination is baked into your employer and marketing brands. Let us pinpoint the problem and provide workable solutions.



  • Managed Crisis Response during 9/11 Trade Center bombing
  • Completed 21 Strategic Plans & Diversity Culture Audits
  • Automated 9 departments including HR,  Learning & Development, Marketing
  • Reduced employee benefit cost for 12 companies
  • Increased investment assets from 0 to 353 million
  • Placed 72 technology executives including 30 diversity hires
  • Trained 15,456  in diversity, cybersecurity, business, innovation, financial literacy & retirement
  • Hosted event at North American International Auto Show
  • Hosted 100 Outreach, Marketing and Influencer events
  • Investigated & monitored 100 EEO Complaints
  • Coached 85 managers leadership, anti-harassment
  • Created mobile financial literacy and DOD war games

After the Diversity Culture Audit we provide these services  to implement recommendations.



AW delivers training solutions that mix classroom with online e-doing to educate, inspire and motivate your teams to implement the acquired knowledge immediately. Themes: Business, Change, Diversity, Entrepreneurship Innovation / Invention, Sustainability, Sales/Recruiting, Problem-solving, Future of Work.


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and protests have unleashed accelerated change. AW provides system audits to enhance corporate, people management, public relations, marketing and technology functions to expand profitability, talent recruitment, customer service and stakeholder goals.


AW transforms complex subjects into interactive games, simulations, puzzles, and case studies to engage students in technical content that leads to an industry certification in Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Linux, Network Engineer, Python, Digital Marketing, Fraud Examination.


AW utilizes software languages to parse, and extract and data into structured datasets to analyze organizational performance with scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis. We derive reliable descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to generate strategic insights highlighted with graphical visualizations.


AW provides strategic execution into the 17 trillion US market where 9 trillion is grounded in diversity. We provide a framework for revenue generation, recruitment, retention and innovation. Historical, economic, cultural, environmental and current trends are analyzed to provide insights.


AW has managed both on-site and virtual corporate events and consumer engagement efforts. Event expertise includes high-stakes product launches, thought leadership programs, conferences, media tours, press conferences, celebrity events, major concerts and more.


AW employs multi-industry influencers, thought leaders and celebrity contacts to enhance visibility and buzz for corporate campaigns, events and programs with accomplished icons in music including Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, George Benson, Joan Baez, Foreigner and Luther Vandross.


Design, procure, install, test, demonstrate and document cable infrastructure, communications, enterprise management systems, information assurance, networks, audio/visual systems, information systems, logistics and warehouse support.


The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced both the value of automation, processes and people (APP). AW evaluates, assesses and determines true employment needs. We then execute global searches to recruit the professionals and executives needed to usher in the “future” across multiple industries.

Let Us Improve Your Corporation