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Need daily motivation to pursue a life of luxury?

Attract luxuries into your life. Create goals and a vision board of those goals. Review those goals and vision board daily.

The Life Culture Audit App is your daily companion for attracting your dream life. It is a vision board that allows our learners to dream big and achieve their goals. Do you need daily motivation to pursue a life of luxury and bliss?

The Life Culture Audit App can provide that and more.

Seize the Life You Desire

If money wasn’t an option, would your life be any different than it is? Would you still be able to attract the things you desire? Before you answer yes, understand that the life you live now is a reflection of what you think and feel. Indeed, you are what you imagine.
Your thoughts define your reality.
We reflect and attract what we hold in our thoughts, like a magnet. Life is simply a door of endless possibilities, and Imagery is the key to entry. Starting today, you can envision and create a new life where every breathing moment feels like a luxurious spa day.

Achieve Your Goals Faster
with an Inspiring Vision Board

With the Life Culture Audit app, you can document your goals and cement their reality with pictures of affluent lifestyles.The appis a one-page vision board, which can bemade into a big collection of images and affirmations.Through this vision board, you can reflect daily on your new life and gain the much-needed motivation to work towards your dreams.

How It Works

Wondering if Vision Boards are For You?

“With the Life Culture Audit app, you can document your goals and cement their reality with pictures of affluent lifestyles.The app creates a one-page vision board, with a collection of  your images. Through this vision board, you can reflect daily on your new life and gain the much-needed motivation to work towards your dreams.”

Well, I have a story for you…
At age 17, my life took a turn when I received 11 college acceptances. I joined the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor on a full-ride scholarship and traveled heavily, motivated by my “Richie Rich” lifestyle. Eventually, I graduated college debt-free leaving with $10,000 in cash. And just like that, my Richie Rich vision took full swing, and I became the woman I always dreamed I’d be.
Today, I, Ida Byrd-Hill, am the CEO of Automation Workz. My team and I are committed to helping frontline learners, especially low-income African and Hispanic Americans, who have a 65% to 89% dropout rate. We want individuals like you to envision a better future where you can see yourself living an affluent lifestyle

Life Culture Audit App is Changing People’s Lives…

Through this app, we have been able to discover, motivate, coach, and transition front-liners into fulfilling tech careers in network engineering, cybersecurity, software programming, and data analytics.
In the past 2 years alone, our learner completion rate increased from 7.93% to 75%, five times higher than competitors. What’s more, our learners at Automation Workz have been empowered with newfound tech skills, and enjoy higher incomes in transformational tech careers. Our average annual placement salaries have increased from $31,200 to $67,250.

So, we ask again, “Are you ready to seize the life you desire?”

Yes? Then join the vision journey today.
Still think vision boards and goal setting are hogwash, baloney, and not effective. Listen to Steve Harvey here.
At Automation Workz, we empower all front-line employees with the right tech training to aid professional development and help them succeed in their careers.

Addressing the Urgent Frontline Worker Shortage

The challenges with training employees have been long overlooked until now. If anything, the pandemic of 2020-2021 and the business decline of 2022 have proven that
The statistics say it all:
  • In 2021, the world achieved its highest business growth rate in 70 years, as front-liners spent pandemic subsidies.
  • In 2022, indicators show that inflation is rampant, as business growth declines by ½ of 2021, as front-liners no longer spending
  • For 2023, Economists predict business growth to be 1/3 of 2021, as front-liners are quieting quitting in droves.
To top it all:
According to reports, front-liners, primarily Blacks and Hispanics, want to advance in their careers. Yet companies still provide educational options, which do not equal career development. According to a 2020 Deutsche Bank report, 76% of Blacks and 62% of Hispanics could be underprepared for 86% of jobs by 2045 as these jobs are dependent on tech skills.

Wondering if the Life Culture Audit
can work for your company?

Front-liners are dissatisfied with their careers. Their
dissatisfaction is reflected in the service they provide your customers.


2022 Global Consumer Trends report from Qualtrics
Nearly all consumers say they were dissatisfied with their experiences as customers in 2021 and 2022.
In this study, 23,000+ consumers across 23 countries were asked about their experiences with companies in 2021. A whopping 80% of participants expressed that customer experiences needed improvement. Poor customer service is the second most common reason people say they would cut spending (prices and fees were number one).





STOP Front-liner Anger! IMPROVE Customer Service!

ENCOURAGE your employees to download the Life Culture Audit app

Traditional Educational Benefits Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.
Today’s Front-liners Expect More.

Approximately 75% of front-liners do not have a written plan for their lives.
Why? Because studies show that most front-liners attended public high schools where the student-to-counselor ratio is 482 to 1 and others attended community colleges where the student-to-counselor ratio is 1,000 to 1. (Fuschillo, 2020).
As a result, many of these individuals do not have a clear vision for their lives or careers. They juggle financial emergencies and are never stable as they move from one job to the next.
Now, more than ever, companies must provide personalized learning and development programs for all front-line employees, and WE CAN HELP!

Increase your Revenue with Life Culture Audit

Get to know your front-liners with the Life Culture Audit App.
The fastest way to improve your company’s customer service is to give your front-line employees a valuable purpose. With the Life Culture Audit app, front-liners can define life goals that align with their WIIFM (What’s in It for Me) principles. And with the addition of a vision board, front-liners can envision a roadmap to a better career.
Do you know what your front-liners WIIFM are? Here’s how the Life Culture Audit app can work for you, your employees, and your business.
Your front-liners can now download the Life Culture Audit app, free of charge, on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Available For Download Now

Your front-liners can now download the Life Culture Audit app, free of charge, on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Simply share the app with front-liners.
Purchase a summary of their goals and visions.
Use the data to improve your workforce planning, recruitment, selection, and performance appraisals!