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The Pandemic of 2020/2021 has exhausted everyone.
Forced Quarantine. Remote Work. Remote School. Extreme Factory Production. Supply Chain Shortages. Lack of Products on Shelves. Customer Rage. Great Resignation.

It is amazing you and your staff survived!!!!


Pandemic subsidies were double Front-liner’s normal working salary. They were able to purchase items they could not afford in the past. Their purchases lead to the greatest business growth in 70 years as businesses increased production to sale to them. They are looking to recup the $49,000 of subsidies that has ended. Attracting, recruiting and supporting finicky front-liners, in 2021 and 2022, has been like herding cats. Front-liners really do not want to return to low-paying jobs, hence they are quitting jobs by the millions fueling the Great Resignation like they fueled the historic business growth.

4 million quits a month for the past 11 months

2020/2021 US GDP rate reached a 70 year high

Wish you could tell your CEO?


Make the case with OUR LIFE CULTURE AUDIT 

Prior to the pandemic, front-liners lived with the trauma of financial stress as they struggled to make ends meet.
Eventhough the pandemic of 2020/2021 has proven “AS FRONT-LINERS GO, SO DOES PROFITABILITY.” Your C-Suite has tasked you with layoffs to maintain profitability as business growth has declined 8.3% in 2022, causing more financial stress for Front-liners, despite their direct interaction with your customers.

74% of Consumers Believe Pandemic Made customEr service worse

Nearly all consumers say they were dissatisfied with their experiences as customers in 2021, according to the 2022 Global Consumer Trends report from Qualtrics. The study, which collected input from over 23,000 consumers across 23 countries about their experiences with companies in 2021, found that 80% of people believe customer experiences need to be improved. Poor customer service is the second most common reason people said they would cut spending (prices and fees were number one).
Improve front-liner Service with OUR LIFE CULTURE AUDIT 

have cut spending after one bad experience.
potential business lost due to bad customer service
According to Pew Research graph, front-liners are looking for higher pay, career advancement/ development, respect, flexibility and child care options. They are willing to quit more than one job to secure these benefits. They have, even, entered the gig economy to make more money.
LET'S FACE THE TRUTH! FRONT-LINERS HAVE BEEN DISPENSABLE in the quest for short-term profits despite the turnover cost.
Consequently, Human Resources (HR) has always maintained a recruiting pool to replace front-liners within 24 hours of quitting. Now that front-liners are hard-to-find, your business operations are slowing down and hence profits as turnover is a waste of money.
Unleash your inner Ceo

Human resources
as a
business growth center
a REAL profit generator
invest your $338 billion training budget into front-liners
Human Resources commands a $338 annual training budget globally. Rather than take orders from the Finance department to bolster short-term profits with layoffs, fight to return humanity and stability to your business.

Prepare a cohort of front-liners for higher-paying digital careers with instructor-led training. News of your investment will create excitement and stop the exponential front-liner quits.
Afraid to gamble training R-O-I with front- liners known to quit training 60% of the time?
Our Life Culture Audits DISCOVERS, PREDICTS, MOTIVATES and SUPPORTS front-liners to career and training success, empowering a 75% completion rate in rigorous network engineer and cybersecurity training.

discover. predict. motivate. coach  

The Automation Workz Life Culture Audit allows you, the HR professional, see front-liners Life Vision, Goals, Obstacles/Fears and Digital Problem-Solving Ability discover, predict, motivate and coach them to digital career success. Many front-liners are people of color, in low-paying jobs, as they have been told they are incapable of higher -level tech careers. They have spent so many years, living paycheck to paycheck, under financial stress, unable to muster the energy to create a life vision, let alone a career.
Often, their mediocre performance, absenteeism and poor attitude is a cry for assistance. Assist front-liners develop a Vision Board, a powerful visual representations of what they are thinking, their attitude, their goals, their purpose and what they value. A vision board can be long-term (3-20 years) or short-term (6 months to 3 years). Discover. Predict. Motivate and Coach your front-liners into a sincere commitment of their best performance. Imagine your employees highlighting their vision board as shown below.

Ida’s Long-Term Vision (5-10 years)

Ida’s Short-Term Vision (6 months -1 year)

 Positive front-liner visions can lead to …

              1. Happy Pleasant attitudes
              4. customer satisfactioN Increases Sales and profit
              5. profit creates positive corporate culture

MIT  Sloan Management Shows soft skills training leads to a  purpose-driven employee, higher productivity and a…..

Increase training ROI with OUR LIFE CULTURE AUDIT 

The Life Culture Audit can be utilized for:


Fine-tune the selection of purpose-driven Front-liners to reduce turnover and absenteeism. Individuals, completing soul-searching reflection, will develop their purpose, eliciting long-term commitment.

Performance Enhancement

Very few managers know the personal vision or goals of their front-liners and hence, rarely build their performance expectations to align with their WIIFM (What’s in it for Me) philosophy.

Digital Career Training Assessment

While every front-liner does not need to learn how to code computer software, they do need to think, act and thrive in a world of robotics, AI, data analytics, autonomous vehicles and other emerging tech.

Relieve your stress.
Stop front-liner quits.
Generate Profits.