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Ida Fuschia Gray power move
Ida Byrd-Hill

CEO Automation Workz, a tech reskilling & diversity culture audit firm ranked as top cybersecurity bootcamp in US and recent recipient of $10 million growth financing.

Piloted Hustle & TECHknow cyber alternative school. Former wealth manager growing assets to $620 million and mortgage portfolio to $49 million in 2021 dollars.

Search consultant placing 72 executives 30% diverse hires.

Kevin Hill

CTO of Automation Workz. He’s is a FinTech and Blockchain Technology enthusiast. He’s been working in the FinTech industry for over 5 years, with a focus on automation technologies. Kevin has been instrumental in developing systems to provide customers with fast and seamless access to their accounts without any human intervention.

Kevin also helped develop an enterprise feature store, which offers customer-driven features that make life easier for the average person.

In his spare time, he enjoys strategy games and spending time with family.

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