Our entire world went virtual in the snap of finger during the pandemic and so did cyber attacks, hacks and breaches. The whole world is dependent upon internet service not realizing network engineers and cybersecurity specialists ensure the reliability of internet service. Review videos about  Network Engineers and Cybersecurity Specialists

Network engineers build, expand and troubleshoot internet networks

Cybersecurity Specialists protect and defend Networks

What is Cybersecurity?

It is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use.by hackers. Hackers use several types of tactics to secure unauthorized access or criminal use of your information.

Here are 4 Tactics Hackers Use


The practice of sending fraudulent emails that resemble emails from reputable sources. The goal is for a person to freely provide sensitive data like credit card numbers and login information. It’s the most common type of cyber attack.


Ransomware is a type of malicious software. It is designed to extort money by blocking access to files or the computer system until the ransom is paid.


Software designed to gain unauthorized access or to cause damage to a computer or computer system

Social engineering

Tricks to get a person to reveal sensitive information to secure money. Social engineering can be combined with any of the threats listed above to make you more likely to click on links, download malware, or trust a malicious source.

Here is a video of phishing by a hacker

What Is Cybersecurity? – Cisco

Who are Hackers


Hackers are known to be White Hat, Black Hat or Grey Hat

White Hat Hackers are paid by corporations and governments to test systems to see if they can be breached

Grey Hat Hackers are activist stealing information to expose bad/ criminal behavior

Black Hat Hackers want your money, debit and credit card numbers.

Everyone should be concerned about Black Hat hackers as they can ruin your life.

In fact Michael Bayer, a longtime Pentagon adviser states, “I believe we are in a declared cyberwar and we are losing that war.” To win this war, Cybersecurity Ventures has projected 3.5 million cybersecurity specialists will be needed by 12/21. Join us.

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Certification Path

Rather than attend 60 or 120 credit hours of classes to secure an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, Attend 4 classes to secure your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). The CCNA certification replaces a college degree. Your Workforce Development Agency may cover the cost of the course.

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