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Written by: Higher Education Team

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field with incredible demand, and cybersecurity bootcamps offer a great way for interested professionals to sharpen their skills and become part of this burgeoning profession. But many of these online courses have different approaches, and the best course may be different for each student. To help narrow down your options, we researched and reviewed the 10 best cybersecurity bootcamps.

Our Ranking Criteria

The best cybersecurity bootcamps are able to take participants from beginner level to career ready by focusing on the most important skills needed for success in the field. We evaluated nearly 50 cybersecurity bootcamps based on the criteria below, and using the results we narrowed our selection down to the 10 best cybersecurity courses available.

Basic Ranking Criteria

To start narrowing down our list, we took a look at the following factors to determine how flexible the courses are, how much time and effort are needed to complete them, and what they offer to students who successfully complete them.

Time to complete. Our list includes bootcamps that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. The longest courses on our list take about six months to finish.

Prerequisites required. To ensure novices are able to find courses that suit their needs, our list mostly contains bootcamps that do not require any prerequisites. The ones that do require prerequisites are better suited for those with a basic understanding of cybersecurity.

Flexible schedule. Online courses should be flexible to accommodate students and working professionals with busy schedules. In making our list, we rewarded bootcamps that offer flexible schedules.

Certificate of completion. A certificate of completion can be a valuable addition to your resume. While not all courses offer one, we made sure to note which bootcamps award graduates with a certificate of completion.

Advanced Ranking Criteria

To narrow down our selection even further, we reviewed cybersecurity courses based on advanced criteria to ensure that the ones in our list offer everything participants need to prepare themselves for a career in cybersecurity. Our criteria include the following:

  • The course has positive reviews from students.
  • The course focuses on modern skills needed to succeed in the cybersecurity field.
  • The course is taught by a professional cybersecurity expert.
  • The course is solely dedicated to cybersecurity.
  • The course offers value for both complete beginners and advanced cybersecurity professionals that want to improve their skills.
  • The course is available on-demand or every few months.
  • The course is engaging and offers productive assignments that help students improve their skills.