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Core Services
Our core services are concentrated into three pillars.

Tech Training

AI & Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Network Engineer, Tech Project Management and Tech Support Certification Training for individuals.

Executive Coaching

Get a guide to navigate you through corporate politics and develop a personal success strategy.

Corporate Services

Seize a larger share of the $9 trillion diversity markets. Employ the economics of diversity to increase revenue. Before creating a sales strategy, convince leadership to perform a Diversity Culture Audit.

Choose Your Path


The C-Suite requires executives with a proven track record of deploying high growth strategies to increase revenues and profits. You desire to be promoted into the C-Suite, but have gotten stuck in a middle management job without the budget authority to make a significant impact in business development activities.

Automation Workz can assist you seize a larger share of the $9 trillion diversity markets to expand your corporation’s profitability. We serve as your Executive Coach to lead a Diversity Culture Audit with the goal of reskilling diverse employee ambassadors to focus on business development in diversity markets.

Let Automation Workz assist you convince your executive leadership to concentrate business development in the diversity markets so profits can increase to leapfrog you into the C-suite.


You’re a tech genius. You know this, but others don’t, and you’re tired of being underpaid for your skills. You think you need to go back to school for years and spend thousands of dollars in order to become a tech professional.

With cyber-attacks are on the rise and there’s an increasing demand for cybersecurity experts to protect companies from hackers who want to steal sensitive data or disrupt business operations.

Automation Workz can help you achieve your dream of becoming a tech professional with our Life Culture Audit and tech certification preparation courses. We will prepare you by helping identify your strengths, weaknesses, vision, skills, and goals so we can prepare you mentally and physically to enter and remain in a high-paying tech career.
What our corporate clients are saying about Automation Workz
Automation Workz has served numerous corporate clients. We help them unlock hidden talent and access new Markets.

Improve your Corporate Revenue Strategy

The future of corporate America is here! Automation Workz will help you develop a diversity mindset and then employ it to your advantage. 

With the Automation Workz system, corporations can seize revenue from diverse markets utilizing diverse employee ambassadors.

La-Rene Malcolm
Dr Bronners
Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Our company hired Ida and her team to perform a comprehensive audit of various departments to provide a baseline for us to work from when it comes to DEI.    Ida provided new hire training courses for all our hiring managers, assisted in developing our lifestyle LinkedIn page to better showcase life at our company.  She played a key part in recruiting for the Talent Acquisition Manager position which is a new role for the company and introduced us to a new applicant tracking system ICIMS, to better manage our company’s fast growth and talent pool. Ida has become a great asset to me as a leadership coach but also for our company as a whole.

Revenue Growth

Automation Workz has been ranked as the top 10 Cybersecurity Bootcamp in the US by Career Karma.

Become a network engineer and /or cybersecurity specialist. Secure your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. The CCNA certification replaces a college degree as it is rigorous and the foundation for cybersecurity as individuals learn how to build , scale and automate corporate internet networks. APPLY for admissions to Automation Workz.
Jaharah Muhammad

Automation Workz is unlike any other cyber academy I have attended. Instead of incorporating standard blanket coursework with hard to grasp concepts, their instruction is geared toward making sure the student understands. The instructors are firm and make sure you channel the grit that is required to get through the course. Thanks to Automation Workz, I was able to secure employment in cyber security’s 6 figure field. I recommend this institute to anyone who wants to excel in their craft as a Cyber Analyst, Firewall Auditor, Network Engineer or software coder. Automation Workz ranked #9 on Career Karma’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp list ahead of Udacity, a $100 million dollar company. Register for your life-changing course today!