Corporate leaders NEED a view from a DIVERSE LENS


The recent firings, lack of promotions and extreme wage gaps of top Black women at companies such as Google, Pinterest and Coinbase, shows corporate America is still embracing institutional discrimination and racism as a norm. Perspectives from a diverse America is starkly different from that of Caucasian America.

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor showed the world the Institutional Racism that is embedded in America, sparking a worldwide Black Lives Matter movement. The movement accelerated when news media highlighted Amy Cooper, the woman who falsely reported a Black man was threatening her life, in Central Park. 



Many people embody the  microaggressions of Amy Cooper,  offending diverse people  in multiplcity of ways.  Corporate leaders have  the power to change employee mindsets, employee ideals and hence society with thought-provoking  training. If and only if, they recognize racism, discrimination and bias. Corporate leaders need a view from a DIVERSE LENS.

Our exceutive coaching programs via assessment, vision, goal setting, strategy, history, cultural context and execution provides a DIVERSE LENS to assist you become the corporate leader you desire. Unleash your inner superhero to lead your team to a spectacular return on investment.

We COACH Leaders to SEE through their Family beliefs to recognize the Revenue they are leaving on the Table

Diverse populations spend $9 trillion, 52.9% of the $17 trillion American Market.

Even with potential revenue on the table, America is still racist. For good reason, corporations have been spending $8 billion on diversity training, managed by Caucasians, to placate diverse populations that they are attempting to solve the problem. Corporations hire non-diverse marketing and public relations firms who continue the racist propaganda with ads and campaigns. It is obvious, American corporations need a new set of glasses and strategies as diverse populations are growing exponentially and so is diversity spending power.

Automation Workz provides coaching to assist corporate leaders develop a diversity mindset and then an EMPLOYER BRAND to attractdiverse populations as ambassadors, employees and suppliers. Institutional discrimination will disappear as corporations seize and expand profits within diverse markets. 

Since everyone tends to follow the leader, corporate change begins with the leader.


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